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actually, i don't understand this but i find it cute,
so i put it here. haha.

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call me Mika..
blown 16 candles.
& +1 on 18th oj July
from Dumaguete City, Philippines
Freshman, BS. Medical Technology
Silliman University.

YM: unwantedprincess14


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cute Pictures, Images and Photos Monday, June 22, 2009


A Sad Love Story
(got this from facebook.)

This is a story from Silliman University (Dumaguete City) about a young college girl, Tiffany, who was killed in a "hit-and-run" .

The incident happened by the North National Highway near St. Paul University. Her body was dragged a few distance before it was run over by several other vehicles. Needless to say, her remains were gruesome.

She had a boyfriend, Noel, and they were deeply in love. Not a day passed that they would fail to text and call each other on their cell phones. You could never see Tiffany without her cell phone clutched in her hand. Her new cell phone was a gift from Noel. He also made sure that they had the same network so they both switched from Globe to Smart to save on the cost and get good reception coverage. After the switch, they spent half of the day freely texting and talking with each other.

Tiffany's family knew about their relationship and Noel was already very close to Tiffany's family.

Before she died she used to joke to her family and friends that "If I passed away just make sure my cell phone comes with me."

The day she died, her body was placed inside a white coffin. From the funeral parlor, people couldn't carry her coffin to transfer it to the church. I was there and even tried to help but the coffin seemed to be nailed to the floor.

Eventually, they called a Medium who said that "THERE IS SOMETHING TIFFANY WANTS WITH HER." Then her friends and parents told the Medium about her wish to be buried with her phone.

The Medium then opened the coffin and placed her cell phone inside the casket. After that the coffin could be moved and carried into the hearse easily. We were all shocked and speechless with fright.

Tiffany's parents had not informed Noel that Tiffany had passed away because they wanted to tell him personally. When Tiffany died, Noel was in Bohol visiting his sick father.

After only 3 days, due to the sad condition of her remains, Tiffany's family decided to bury her. Soon after, Noel called Tiffany's mom and said, "I'm coming home today. Don't tell Tiffany, I want to surprise her." Her mother replied.... "You come home first, I want to tell you something very important." As soon as he arrived, they gently told him about Tiffany's death.

Noel thought that they were trying to make fun of him. He was laughing and said "It's not funny. I've only been gone for 5 days, please don't try to fool me - tell Tiffany to come out, I have a gift for her." They took him to the Dumaguete Memorial Park and showed him her grave. Disbelieving, Noel exclaimed, "It's not true. We text each other daily and we even spoke last night. She called me and told me she was waiting for me. She said she missed me very much and couldn't wait for me to be with her." Noel went on, "She said that she felt cold and lonely at night when I was away that is why I bought her a locally woven sweater as a gift." Noel was shaking. Suddenly, his cell phone rang. "See, this is from Tiffany, see this...." with trembling hand he showed the phone to Tiffany's family.

All of them told him to answer.

He engaged the loudspeaker mode. Everyone heard the conversation, loud and clear, no cross lines, no humming. It was the actual voice of Tiffany, softly and sweetly saying hello to Noel, asking him when they would be together again. Noel wailed and dropped his cell phone and still several messages came in from Tiffany, pleading for him to come to her and be with her.

How could it be when her cell phone and SIM card were inside the sealed coffin buried 6 feet under the ground? Everyone was torn between distraught and horror that they had to ask for the Medium's
help again.

The Medium sought help from other psychics to help understand and explain the mystery. The only way to find out was to dig Tiffany's grave and exhume her casket. And when they did, they found out that the cell phone was indeed still inside, Tiffany clutching it with her mangled hand.

There is only one conclusion to this mystery, the Medium concluded:



10:35 AM

cute Pictures, Images and Photos


First week of college=ASTHMA :(

okay, i can't take this anymore. It is like every night I have to puff in my nebulizer. I am very tired and never got a chance to update here in my blog. My schedule is very baaaad. It makes me fly from Angelo King Building which is near Silliman Univ. Medical Center for my MedTech13 Lecture, then back to the main campus for my Math11. Imagine, I always get late for my Math11 because I need to ride a pedicab. A fast walk won't do. Then from the gate, I need to run going to the Science Complex and our room is located on the third floor. Sucks. I am tired of this. The school is too big for me and my classrooms are very far. I need to go up and down on the buildings. So this is what I got. ASTHMA. hmph.

Hmmmm. Last Saturday was our NSTP. I chose CWTS because I won't fit for RO because I am asthmatic and LTS because I have a small patience. I love kids but I don't like teaching them. hmm. Sorry. CWTS was fun though we ended up to 9:30 in the evening from 10 something in the morning. I had so much fun.

Right now, I should be doing my chemistry assignment. Gee, I hate chem very much. I don't like answering problems though it is needed in my course. :( Hmph. Mkay, I need to go. Need to finish my stuff. =)


10:21 AM

cute Pictures, Images and Photos Saturday, June 13, 2009


hmmm. so this is my schedule for the first semester in my BS MedTech.
Everynight my class ends up at 7:00pm. Tsk. and every afternoon, I am overload except for Friday. HAHA. Well, two sleep and alah! Hello College. whew.
Do you know that our department has the most number of enrolles for freshman? they said it is 500+. I guess people changed their minds about entering Nursing. =) geee.

Maybe there will be times that I will be delayed in posting stuffs for my blog because it's like I will only have limited time to stick myself infront the computer. tsk.

So this is it. Farewell to my highschool moments. I will miss being a Pure Pink DuScian :( That's how we call our self once we graduated from Region VII Ramon Teves Pastor Memorial - Dumaguete Science Highschool :D Our school has a long name so sometimes I make it as RTPM-DSHS. I had so much much much memories from HS and I will really miss those. I will miss my classmates and friends. Some are going to other places so I won't meet them in the city anymore. =( hmmmmm.

BTW, this is my highschool pic for the yearbook. They tag me as Little Miss Sunshine. Maybe because I am such a whacky person, a happy-go-lucky creature. lol. I tell you, you won't get bored if you're with me because I talk a lot. They said I am such an FC (feeling close) because I talk a lot even those to the people I don't know in the group.


10:48 AM

cute Pictures, Images and Photos


I drew this last March while I was studying for my final exams.
I drew this for my ex-boyfriend, Eric Sunga, Jr..
Believe me, he is not cute like my drawing though many people said that we look good together, and we look like twins. Hmph. I won't accept that compliment. haha.

MASTER. Yah, that's our petname. We only lasted for two months and i won't deny that I cried on our tragic break up. LOL. But now, I just laugh about it.

Why I posted this? Uhmm. Maybe I guess I miss those times and hmmmm. I found this pic in my documents. So i just posted it. HAHA. Im bored.


12:47 AM

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Yaiks, new shoes from PONY. =)
I have been asking this pony shoes from my mom since December.
She said she'll buy me before I enter College.
I love shoes because they are comfy. I am not so into with sandals and high heels and also flipflops because they make my feet dry. ugh.

Pink and yellow is actually a good combination. :)


12:07 AM